Bloggers Zoology


1. Creators. They honestly create their own content -- pictures or text or music. Mostly boring of course. Why should I care about a picture of your cat? Yet the Creators are the ones who fill the Internet with the new stuff we all love to see and read.

Creators like to think they have populated the entire Internet with their content, but that is not true. In fact, they are #2 after Converters.

2. Converters have invented scanners, OCR and mp3. For the latter, they often go to jail for presumably violating the rights of those people who use the results of their work daily. So you rarely meet a pure Converter in blogs. Yet Internet is swarming with results of their living. Cause they take the stuff, convert it to gidital, and put it on the Internet. Converters have created and populated, Google Maps, most of Youtube and Google Books.

3. Derivators. These are smart asses who can say something impressive about another art. They are good with reviewing Avatar, making philosophical notes about Sartre, re-inventing J.R.R.Tolkien stories, or making wonderful "фотожаба"s.

4.Pointers. The First Rule of Web 2.0 is this: "Do not write. Point". So they do. They vigorously point to Youtube or works of other Creators or Pointers. 26 hours per day.

Creators often hate Pointers. Cause in a time it takes a Creator to build one geniue piece of a mediocre art, a Pointer can post 20 links to the top notch works of other Creators, thus becoming way more popular. So Creator sleeps and dreams about times when Google learns to tell the true Creator's works apart from Pointers' links.

Yet both can't live without each other. These are the Pointers who cross-pollunate Creators ideas across millions of minds via innumerous links. Without Pointers, nobody would knew the Creators. And without the Creators, Pointers would have nothing to point to! :)

5. And finally is the last category that everybody dislikes equally. For they are the Copypasters, and what else do I need to add after this ugly name that already characterises their biggest sin -- hiding the name of the author?

So don't be one. Choose any of the wonderful categories above, and be happy :)

Obviously, written by a Creator.