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Мой программируемый калькулятор МК-52. Ещё живой. Ах, какая это была машина! Для своего, конечно, времени. В 105 байт кода на нём можно было втискивать программы, поддерживающие брожение по 3-х-мерному лабиринту (любых размеров!); программы, рассчитывающие вход спускаемых аппаратов в атмосферы планет... А была ещё такая замечательная тонкая "наука" еггогология. Где всё это сейчас?

My first computer [officially -- programmable calculator] -- Soviet MK-52. It still works, although I bought it in 1993 already "well used".

This is a stack machine, programmable in machine instructions represented in a form of hex numbers. It had 7 bit address space, 105 bytes of executable memory, 105 bytes of data memory split into 15 registers, and 5 stack registers. Execution time per instruction was 0.3...2.2 seconds. Despite the slowness, it was extremely powerful machine. The set of approximately 200 supported instruction was well balanced, and included many advances mathematical and branching codes. As a result, the 210 bytes of available memory allowed creation of quite complex programs -- for instnce, those for walking in 3D labyrinth [of arbitraty size!], or for calculating the parameters of spaceships atmospheric entry, and many, many more. This machine was a workhorse of Soviet engineers and scientific workers in 1980s. The art of programming MK-52 had a lot of followers, and serious educational magazines published chapters and codes of the most advanced readers. Where is all that knowledge now?

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