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-- Presentations -- Презентации --

To 50 years of the first manned lunar landing.

Hastinly put together. Mirror

Planetary Science News, 2016 and 2017

Exclusive cherry-picking by author.

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Shall you rent or buy a house? A scientific approach to the problem.

Planetary Science News 2015

Small compilation based on inspiring and amusing publications of 2014 and 2015

Local PowerPoint copy mirror.


A very brief overview of what happened in space exploration since 2011

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Low Light Photography

Theory and techniques from the standpoint of an ex-physicist

Local PowerPoint copy mirror.

Are we alone in the Universe?

Brief history of Universe, Life, and our searches for the latter in the former

50 years of manned spaceflight

Presentation I put together for the party where we celebrated the event

50 years of manned spaceflight -- Google version

A shorter version of the talk above (without references to drinking) presented to Google in June 2011

The Civilization of Spring

It seems that not the lack of energy, but of dense enough energy carries prevents us from going to space

Brief History of Pink Floyd

Four eras of Pink Floyd, with links to musical samples


-- Work in progress -- В процессе --

Software Security Myths and Facts

Contemporary landscape. Are users to be blamed for most of the software security problems?

Atmospheric phenomena | Атмосферные явления

Most of these things I've seen myself | Рассказ с картинками про некоторые атмосферные явления

Is There Life After Oil? (currently in Russian only)

What happens when we run out of it? [Hint: nothing] Analysis of various alternative energy sources presented